Sunday, 26 August 2012

Another Bracelet

Yesterday I met up with some friends and one of them showed me some bracelets which she'd bought at a folk festival.  Because I work with beads she thought I'd be interested and she was so righ although they were a bit different from my usual beading which is done with needle and thread..  There were three different designs and I did my best to remember them until I could get home and have a go to see if I could make something similar.  This is one of the designs which I've done in micro macrame and it really is micro because the cube beads are only 4mm, the round ones even smaller and of course they have tiny holes so I had to use a fine cord which is S-lon which I found a bit slippery to knot but got there in the end.  Now I have to try and work on one of the other designs before I forget what it looked like.


  1. Wow thats gorgeous, it must have been really fiddly to do with those beads but well worth the effort as it looks stunning
    Claire xx

  2. Love the bracelet and the gorgeous rich colours as well.Hugs Rita xx

  3. You still amaze me the way you look at something & then work on a design from memory. This is very pretty indeed & I love your combination of colours. It does indeed look very intricate & fiddly but definitely worth doing.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. This is gorgeous Val, I don't know how you've managed to make it from memory though, I'd need to have the pattern in fron of me.

    Sue x

  5. Oh this is just perfect! Love it Val. Hugs, Buttons x