Friday, 7 October 2011


Yesterday evening I went along to the last of three workshops to finish this bear.  The first session was spent mainly in carefully cutting out all the pieces and starting to put them together then it was some 'homework' before the next session to get the various components tacked and stitched  ready for the second week where we concenrated on stuffing the head and getting the features looking good as this is a very important consideration when making bears (or any toys presumably). Each person somehow managed to get a different 'look'.  Last night we added some of the stuffing, then it was time to fix all the cotter joints before finally piling in the rest of the stuffing and stitching up the gaps.Anyone who has been following my blog might remember that I've made a few bears starting with  a jointed one one of about 4" high, then moving onto a couple of slightly larger ones.  This one is the largest one I've made (hence his name) and he sits about 30cm tall - 12" in old money (taller when standing obviously).  When it came to colour there was plenty of choice from blonde, golden brown, milk chocolate and so on but I'd always fancied having a black teddy so that was my choice; very difficult to see when it came to the stitching in artificial light but on the other hand I reckon that this colour maybe hides a multitude of sins if the odd stitch wasn't as neat as it should be!!  I'm going to knit him a scarf of his own but for the moment I loaned him one of mine for the photograph.


  1. He's gorgeous Val - absolutely love him. I know how difficult it is making bears as after my one attempt (albeit a large one) I vowed never to make another!!! lol

  2. Wow what a stunner he is.....and love his scarf.
    He must have been awful to stich being black but he is gorgeous...


  3. He's a lovely bear - hope you were right about the colour hiding any mistakes,( would have thought that the fur could hide any by itself) it must have been awful to sew!

  4. He's a real character & I love the slightly quizzical look he has - hope he likes his new scarf once you've made it, in the meantime this one suits him rather well.
    Have a good weekend. Have done another book selling day so now am very tired.
    Pauia (PEP)

  5. What a stunner, I love bears xx

  6. Oh Wow Val he's fabulous! What a great idea to have a black bear for a change. He's going to be a family heirloom I'm sure.

    Lesley Xx