Thursday, 16 June 2011

Beaded Bookmark

I'd spotted a pattern recently in a magazine using peanut beads to make little star components for ear-rings or a bracelet and as I'd never actually seen or used this type of bead I decided to get some and have a go. I had seen pictures of these beads and somehow imagined they were much larger than they are in reality so the actual size came as a bit of a surprise. While I was at the bead fair I'd bought some bookmarks to decorate and thought this pattern would be just right.  It was fairly simple to make and includes size 15 and 11 seed beads with some fire polished crystals together with the 'peanuts'


  1. Val what a clever idea this is lovely the beading is gorgeous and the patience you must have.....


  2. What a lovely bookmark. I've never heard of peanut beads before. The the combo of beads that you've used look wonderful.

  3. Hi, I too haven't heard of those beads before. You must have good eye site. It's beautiful. I think I would have lost half the beads on my floor. Never to be found again. Hugs x ChrisB

  4. That is lovely Val, nice colour shade too.

  5. This is beautiful Val. I think I would be like Chris and lose half my beads on the floor, lol! What pretty earings these would make.

    Lesley Xx