Saturday, 28 May 2011

Crystal Necklace

A friend sent me a  beading pattern for a necklace in with her Christmas card last year so I thought it was about time I had a go at making it.  It turned out to be relatively easy to make but as is usual with seed beads it took quite a long time to complete. I am pleased with the result and whilst making it ideas for several variations have popped into my head (as they do!!).  It is a netted tube with fire polished crystals 'trapped' in the centre - I'm thinking of trying one with glass pearls trapped next time and in a different colour. Apologies for the picture - it looks more sparkly in real life!


  1. This looks as though it took some time to complete, but well worth the effort. I think seed beads used right look just as good if not better than these big beads.

  2. Hi Val, I'm just beginning to catch up on all my fave blogs. Phew, everyone has been really busy and you are no exception. Lots of lovely creations since my last visit and this is really pretty. I've had a look at the enlargement and you can see the sparkle a bit better on there but I bet it still doesn't do it justice. You are very tallented.

    Lesley Xx