Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Something for a Change

I've not made a single card since the weekend which is most unusual for me but I've not been idle.  As well as having a little 'teach in' with three crafting friends yesterday making beaded beads, I've also managed to make a fabric covered box just the right size to hold a box of After Eight mints which is a nice way of presenting a little gift to a chocoholic and they will always have an excuse to buy more when they've eaten the ones you've given them!! Naturally the box could be used to keep anything if you don't happen to like mints.

And here is the open box showing the box of chocolates peeping out


  1. Great idea, love the fabric - such a cheerful design. Not sure about the chocs at this time! ikki x

  2. This looks so neat!... lovely idea!
    Sue xx

  3. This is a lovely idea, is it big enough to fit pencils in afterwards, or maybe just another box of After Eights! Judith xx

  4. This is a great box for a gift Val - might get in touch for the measurements for this!!! lol Thanks again for the beading workshop - your samples were exquisite.

  5. Lovely box Val and they do make great presents.
    Love your bright fabric you have used.