Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Beaded Bracelet

I spotted this bracelet in the current issue of Bead magazine and just had to have a go. I've been wanting to make something in this style for ages but never quite got around to it - you know how it is!!  I have to say it wasn't exactly difficult but quite fiddly as once started there are so many little places where the thread can catch as you go along so I had to be careful to ensure that there were no unwanted loops of thread each time it was pulled through the beads.  I like the finished article and it was worth the slight frustration involved.  I just might have to make one in another colour scheme now.


  1. Val this is really pretty I love it....must have taken you ages to make but well worth it.


  2. This is really lovely you must have lots of patience. Hugs x ChrisB

  3. Love the colours that you have used, and fully appreciate the time it must have taken you, as I make jewellery myself! It looks fab, Judith xx

  4. How pretty this is. Well done on having the patience.

    Lesley Xx