Sunday, 14 March 2010

Chicken Doorstop

Yesterday I went to a class with Dee Wallis to make a fabric chicken which could either be filled with sand to make a doorstop or to be seasonal it could be filled with Easter eggs. The class was organised by Bower Hinton Workshops (check out their website for details of other great classes available). Dee provided us each with a kit which included everything we needed to make this patchwork chicken and because the Hall is not blessed with sufficient power points we used some lovely old hand sewing machines - a bit of a culture shock after being used to the all singing all dancing models we have nowadays but they worked so quietely and smoothly they were a pleasure to use once I got used to turning the handle but I still had the tendency to press my foot onto an imaginary foot pedal!!


  1. Val he's lovely....and what a great idea for a door stop....


  2. Anne's right Val, he's great! Perfect for a doorstop ................unless you have a dog like mine who thinks anything on the floor is his!

    Lesley Xx