Sunday, 28 June 2009

Stationery box

I made this stationery holder using a Card Couture template downloaded from Papertrey and I've made some little notelets to put inside. Unfortunately I had a problem trying to add a little magnetic closure because although they were very sticky the magnet is so strong that when I tried to open the box the magnets didn't want to part company with each other but easily parted company with the sticky backs which of course has now marked the paper and card. I am hoping I can get some Velcro sticky dots to pop on in place of the magnets and hopefully they won't hang onto each other quite so hard!!


  1. Your box is lovely and the matching notelets, hope you find your velco sticky pads.


  2. This is a lovely project Val. I have also had problems with the magnetic dots. I used them on velvet boxes and they're okay if you slide one side up from the other but if you try to pull them apart they just pull off. Really annoying as they're not cheap.