Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Boy with Cat

The weather is so hot today that I'm working much more slowly than usual - everything I pick up seems to stick to my fingers. I started out by filing away a heap of paper and card offcuts because the pile was so large I couldn't see what was there without it all cascading onto the floor! That done I stamped a few images and went for some quiet colouring but even that made me too hot. Nevertheless I made a couple of cards and here is one of them. Images are from Ollyphant (Kars), coloured with Copics. I might just sit down with a cool drink now although I should be mowing grass - definitely too hot for that!!


  1. You have done very well to brave this awful the image.


  2. As my Grandmother used to say, "It's too hot to be civil!".

    You've done really well to be productive with anything. I managed a little bit of ironing this morning before I flagged completely.

    I've been very tardy again recently and haven't been visiting my fave blogs as much as I'd like. As a result I see I've missed loads of wonderful makes on your blog recently, including the lovely stationery folder.

    This is a lovely card too with a very cheeky, well coloured image. Love it.

    Lesley Xx