Friday, 20 March 2009

I Should have been Mowing the Lawns!

This morning a kind friend loaned me a book containing 201 crochet motifs and although I should have been mowing lawns I just couldn't resist trying a couple of them right away!! This is another book which will be on my wish list.
Maybe there is still time for the lawns if I don't pick up the book again


  1. Hi, I love the motifs. I have been looking for a pansy pattern for some time. Could you let me know the title of your friend's book, please. Maggie Stearn

  2. Oh no! I am sooo jealous now! They look gorgeous, I must get my blankie finished, I really must!

    Have a fab weekend. Luc x

  3. Oh wow - you can crochet!! I had a go at trying to crochet some flowers as embellishments and failed miserably! These look wonderful!