Saturday, 27 May 2017

Clean and Simple

You may have noticed that I rarely produce a CAS (clean and simple) card, the main reason being that there is simply nowhere to hide with this style and I'm not best at keeping finger marks or inky splodges which ought not to be there from 'arriving' in the wrong place.  However I spotted something like this card on Pinterest and decided to have a go - this is the result.  I should confess that I did actually get a smudge on the plain background but thankfully it was very near the edge so my square could be trimmed down a bit before assembling the card. I'm not sure I could have achieved this result without using a stamp positioning gizmo to line everything up on the layers - mind you I had to think about it carefully to decide the order of stamping (feeling like a 'bear of little brain' today - see below!)

I'm surprised actually that I managed this because I'm feeling decidedly weary today after being kept awake by a lengthy thunder storm in the night - not too many crashes and bangs but flashes galore and of course heavy rain.  I eventually decided to get up rather than lie there trying to get back to sleep and I was having my breakfast at just after 5am so today has been a long day and it is still only mid afternoon ... yawn!!

Stamps - from Sheltering Tree set Stampin' Up
Misti stamp positioning tool - so useful!


  1. Great stamping Val. It's a very pretty card. Like you I also get spots and smudges! I hope you have a better night tonight. Barbxx

  2. Pleased you manged awake long enough to make your card the technique


  3. Hi Val, A beautiful CAS card. You made me laugh with your comment 'nowhere to hide' - you quite clearly don't need to hide anything or anywhere! Hope you have a more peaceful night ahead. Anne x