Saturday, 28 August 2021

He'll Never Get Through That Door!!

 Following blogs and watching crafty videos can have consequences on the bank balance and this was the case here when I spotted this gingerbread house die set which I thought would be fun for Christmas and maybe even for other occasions if made in non seasonal colours.  Large enough to pop a little gift or a few chocolates inside but not too large that it uses loads of card to make it.  I cut out the gingerbread man with the intention of tying him to the top with ribbon but somehow that didn't work too well so I quickly glued him to stand beside the front door - immediately realising that he is larger than said door.  Never mind, we are allowed a bit of crafty licence I think. Each year I say that I don't need any more Christmas crafting stash but usually something or other is just too tempting.  I get the feeling that there should perhaps be a crafters' version of 'parental control' on our computers so that we are unable to visit sites which tempt us to buy even more 'stuff' 😉😉 - what do you think??  I'm not sure the designers and retailers would agree somehow.

Apologies for the poor photograph, not yet quite got to grips with the camera on my tablet.  I was so used to the old one but, like everything else, this seems to have become more high tech and complicated. A case of 'if in doubt read the instructions' I think rather than just 'winging it'. See edit below - third photo is the original not so good one!!

EDIT - I've taken two more photos using my camera this time - can't seem to delete the original though!!

Spellbinders Gingerbread House die set
Holly - dies from Joanna Sheen


  1. Chuckling here Val, I was glad you didn’t tie him up, then you glued him, poor Gingerbread hahaha, it’s a very lovely box, (choccies in mine please 😀), and there’s always something new we “need” eh? I had the same not buying any more Xmas stuff intention, which didn’t take long to throw out the window! Xx

  2. Just love this little Gingerbread house box...a very useful little dies and as you say not only for Christmas


  3. Such a wonderful Gingerbread House Val. I'm planning on a trip to ebay with some older Christmas Stamps to make way for the new ones that I just have to have each year.

    Sue xx

  4. Awww so cute.And you could use it again,maybe for Easter.Putting a Bunny on the front.

  5. Your little gingerbread house is so cute, Val. I think all crafters lack willpower.... just when I think I have enough stash, I see something new on a crafter's blog which I really 'need'. LOL! xx

  6. Hi Val

    Loving your gingerbread house .. .. .. you are right .. .. .. it looks like he is going to have to "duck down" to get through that door LOL!!

    What a great gift box. It would be great full of gingerbread as a Christmas gift.

    Love Jules xx

  7. I think your gingerbread house is fab. A new crafty treat every now and then doesn’t hurt does it!?? Xxx