Saturday, 27 June 2020

Parchment Card

I can hardly believe that I've done absolutely no parchment work since last year which was when I had cataract operations on both eyes (at different times) and had real trouble seeing properly in the months between the two treatments and until my eyes had settled after the second one.  I abandoned all thoughts of doing that sort of close work and put the things away but  I've decided it was about time I got it all out again. I now realise that I'm almost back to square one and the learning curve has to tackled again - surprised just how much I'm out of the swing.  I persevered and have actually produced a card but lots more practice will be needed before it returns to it being a relaxing and mindful exercise.  Various Groovi plates were used to compose this image.

Thankfully the weather is a bit cooler now thanks mostly to the rain which we've had overnight and this morning.


  1. This is stunning Val, I love the colourful card behind or is it the vellum paper.

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Val

    This looks fantastic! Not something I have ever tried.

    It all looks very intricate.

    Much cooler here this weekend but quite windy.

    Love Jules xx

  3. A beautiful piece of parchment work Val the colours and detail are so delicate

    I'm one of your latest subscribers now :)

    June x