Saturday, 2 May 2020

Another Bag Made

I've had it in mind to make this particular bag for some time so I set about sorting through my scraps of Batik fabrics to cut out 48 squares which I thought would go together colour-wise, adding just a border of black as a contrast.  Fortunately I had a piece of suitable colour to make the lining, button loop and the little side ties.  The basic pattern is one which I bought from Juberry Fabrics a few years ago at a show but I've adapted it somewhat, particularly on the inside where I've added two zipped 'letterbox' pockets.  The original pattern was made up in one overall fabric with an external plain pocket in contrasting fabric.but I'd spotted one made up with multicoloured squares so that is what I wanted for this version.  The two panels were made up and then quilted before tackling the construction.

You will have heard of 'extreme' sports, and possibly 'extreme' ironing - well this turned out to be 'extreme' bag-making because I used some foam interlining.This makes a beautifully firm bag that will stand up on it's own but my goodness I found it hard work manipulating it under the machine (age could be a contributing factor here!!).  Actually stitches easily but the general unwieldiness was definitely a battle although I am happy with the result.   The ties at the sides can be unfastened so that it opens out to be a more capacious bag - final measurements are approximately 12" x 11" x 6".

Pattern for Bag Shape - Juberry Fabrics
Foam Interlining - Bosal single side iron-on foam
Batik fabrics - from Hannah'sRoom


  1. A beautiful colourful bag Val.

    Sue xx

  2. Wow Val your bag is amazing and the colours are beautiful and I love the design


  3. Hi Val

    A fabulous sewing project. Loving the variety of colours very much - I would faff for ever deciding what should go where LOL!

    I haven't heard of foam interlining before. Well done on showing it who was boss and getting a brilliant finished result.

    Whenever I see your sewing projects it makes me want to get my fabric box down out of the roof!!

    Hope all is OK with you Val.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Your bag looks fabulous. Must admit .i have never heard of foam interlining let alone iron on foam. Glad you persevered and finished your bagwhich does look good with th3 squares instead of one piece of fabric. Hope you are keeping well and safe. Hugs Mrs A.