Wednesday, 8 April 2020


No I'm not feeling blue, this is just the colour of the card I've made to share. Yesterday I decided to go through all my boxes of snippets and scraps of various colours of card and - shock, horror - I actually threw many of the really small bits into the recycling. Mind you that was difficult!! Never fear I still have plenty of snippets left to be able to visit the Snippets Playground on a regular basis.  Needless to say the largest amount was white or cream scraps and I really am aiming to use them all up.

This card started from the small scrap of embossed card and the already cut sentiment shape and it sort of grew into this blue DL card.  I acquired this stamp quite recently but sadly have completely forgotten where it came from and there is nothing on the packaging.  I sponged the embossed scrap of card using the same colour of ink and stamped the 'Happy' word onto the sentiment shape, adding a computer printed 'birthday' word and sticking it in place.  Another thing I'm aiming to do is to try to use up some of the many card blanks I have in sizes which I rarely use these days - one reason being that my stock of preferred square cards is running low and I feel I should use what I have rather than buying more for the time being.

Take care everyone and stay safe


  1. well done Val for making another great card from your just shows what we can make without cutting into a new piece of card...


  2. This is a great card Val - I am afraid I no longer keep really small pieces of card - simply not enough room to store teeny pieces - not that it has made a lot of difference to the 'offcut mountain'!

  3. My stock of scraps is huge and I do mean to use more of them up but it doesn't seem to work very well in practice. Like Viv I try not to save the tiny pieces and I agree with her it doesn't seem to make a great deal of difference. I love you card, the colour and the stamp you've used in the background too. Hope to see you in the playground soon.

    Sue xx

  4. A beautiful card made with your scraps of paper.
    Babs x

  5. What a fabulous card using your bits box! I must follow your example and start using my huge stash of scraps. Thank you for your inspiration. xx