Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Another Crochet Project

I like to have some knitting and crochet on the go so that I can pick it up while watching TV - I have to admit this is so that I can hopefully stay awake to watch a whole programme!!  Trawling around the internet - as you do - I found this pattern for the oddly-named 'Virus' shawl which is triangular and there is also a square version to make a blanket. A shawl is really handy to wear around the shoulders to keep warm and nicer than a cardigan I think.  I chose a variegated yarn to make my shawl and here it is draped over my office chair.  I enjoyed  making this, mainly because there are four rows to the pattern which gives a bit more variety when working rather than repeating the same stitch and row ad infinitum.  I'm planning on making another one in a different colourway as a Christmas present so I will have to get a move on with that in between making cards and all the other things I like to do.


  1. This is beautiful, Val, love the colours. xx

  2. That is really pretty. Must admit I prefer a shawl so that it leaves my arms free for crafting. Hugs Mrs A.