Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Bargain - or Maybe Not!

At our patchwork group meeting recently I picked up some strips of border fabrics at a bargain price thinking that they would come in handy for making bags for a Tombola at our upcoming exhibition. The problem arose when I came to look through my stash for suitable fabric to go with these strips because although I have lots of fabric one way and another there was very little of the right colour or size.  However I have managed to make two bags with what I had and I think the remaining strips will be left for the time being because my aim is to use up bits and pieces I already have rather than going out to buy more new fabric.  In my search I have found quite a quantity of small pieces which hopefully I can piece together randomly to make a few multi-coloured bags to brighten up a shopping day.  For the bag with a pocket I even resorted to upcycling a denim skirt which I no longer wear!!


  1. These look super, and always the way when you have so much but not quite what you want!

  2. Love the dolpohins on your bag Val.. you can never have too many bags...amazing what you can find when you look in your cupboards..ha. ha...


  3. The fish panels look lovely on these two bags. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Absolutely beautiful with the fish panels. The colour is beautiful. Barbxx