Monday, 21 March 2016

Easter Bunnies

Last month when I went to the Spring Quilling workshop with Jill she had brought some examples to show us including a card with a row of rabbits in 3D flower pots.  I thought I'd like to have a go at making them in a box frame but unfortunately I wasn't able to get a rectangular frame so had to content myself with making a little family of three to fit into a small square frame.  Last Saturday there was yet another great quilling workshop with butterflies as the theme so watch this space for some to come fluttering by.  In the meantime I'n sharing the rabbits and then heading off in search of a larger frame for the quilled alpaca which I've completed but he will have to stay in a safe place until I can find something suitable.  I've discovered that box frames are not that easy to find in various sizes.


  1. What sweet little bunnies in their pots. I'm glad you're enjoying your quilling Val. It always looks very impressive and different. I love doing workshops. Enjoy yourself. Barbxx

  2. I've seen these ' in the flesh ' and the photos graph doesn't do it justice.... Val they are adorable


  3. These are super, like Anne says they are great for real.
    Very impressed with all this quilling.