Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day

I opted for a 'stay at home' Christmas this year and the weather yesterday was bright with some sunshine which is more than can be said for today which is dark and somewhat damp here.  I spent part of yesterday and some of this morning making  this bag - I had already embroidered the Redwork panel so just had to cut out the fabrics, stitch them together and complete the 'big stitch' quilting so that I could assemble the bag this morning.  I've enjoyed doing this and now I have yet another useful bag to add to my collection - I might just have to do lots of shopping so that they all get good use!!  I particularly like these Redwork style designs and the embroidery is relatively simple and very relaxing to do and of course doesn't necessarily have to be stitched in red - in fact I have another panel under way at the moment which could well feature on yet another bag.


  1. Lovely bag Val and your red work is fabulous love the fabrics you have used


  2. Wow you spent a productive Christmas Val, it's a lovely bag.

    Sue xx

  3. What a lovely bag Val and that red work panel is beautiful
    Jackie x

  4. Gorgeous bag Val. Really like the red work and panels you've used.

    Karen x

  5. Beautiful fabric and I love the panel Val!
    Val x

  6. This is gorgeous and you can't have too many bags!
    The embroidery is lovely.

  7. You are such a talented crafter Val! Love this!

    Lesley Xx