Monday, 21 April 2014

Wet Easter Sunday

Well the weather may have been abysmal yesterday but at least it was a good excuse to light the fire and sit in the warm to finish off a necklace which I'd started.  This is another one from Marcia DeCoster and the pendant section is worked in right-angle weave using seed beads, with 3mm pearls and fire-polished beads (these topaz fire-polished beads probably don't show here but they are on the sides of the shape which is quite dimensional). I rifled through my stash of larger beads to find matching ones for the 'dangle' and to string for the neck strap.  The pendant section is quite large and I think if I make another one I will reduce the size so that it isn't quite as long.


  1. Val your necklace is beautiful love the centre piece with all those pretty little pearls...look forward to seeing it on Weds...


  2. lovely Val - simple design that works so well

  3. This is so gorgeous Val, I love the pendant section, so unusual. Maybe you could try making the bit that dangles from the pendant shorter, that might make a difference.

    Sue xx

  4. Stuning necklace Val it has a vintage feel and I'm a sucker for pearls:)
    Val x

  5. A beautiful necklace. It's so pretty with all the pearls. Hugs x ChrisB

  6. This is lovely the centre piece and the beading on the neck strap. You certainly made very good use of the horrible weather!

    Karen x

  7. It's beautifully elegant - I can just imagine a 1920s Flapper girl girl wearing it with one of those hip skimming tasselled dresses to match.
    Wet here too - very cold almost wintery.
    Paula (PEP)