Monday, 20 January 2014

More Apologies

I'm afraid I must apologise yet again for neglecting my blog - 'things' just seem to have got in the way and I've been trying to catch up generally with all sorts of jobs.  However I mentioned to a friend that I'd made yet another bag and promised to post a picture.  This one was much more labour intensive than the last two because it has pockets outside on all four sides and all the sections are quilted.  It was made from a pattern but the construction in general wasn't the most straightforward because each side, end and the base were all separate pieces which involved plenty of matching up and manoeuvring to get it put together.  Suffice to say I won't be making another one like it although it will make a handy 'workshop bag' which is what it was designed for I understand.  Hopefully my 'mojo' will return soon and I will have some cards to share.


  1. Another lovely bag, it will be very useful for taking your crafty essentials to workshops, classes etc.

    Jackie x

  2. A gorgeous bag Val, along with the last two. I think this is my favorite so far. It's great to be home and able to follow everyone properly.

    Sue x

  3. No apologies required at all - my blogs are both rather quiet at present. As for this gem - who wouldn't be proud to take this with them to a workshop? I absolutely love your colours & all the detail, especially with the edging (piping is it?). You're certainly some seamstress.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Another Stunning bag Val. I have one laid out ,but still to sew it. Watch this space. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Love your bag Val and perfect fir those workshops, you can never have too many pockets...


  6. Great crafty bag Val, love the material you've used!
    Val x

  7. I can imagine how hard this bag was to make Val. It's lovely and will make the perfect workshop bag. Glad to see you around and about again but know what you mean about how life gets in the way!!! lol

    Karen x

  8. Hi Val no need to apologise, life gets in the way sometimes... Your bag is lovely and I can imagine it being very useful, shame your not making any more I would want to buy one :)
    Take care
    Suzi B x

  9. This looks very useful and is a great colour.
    Hope you find your mojo soon - we miss you!

  10. Val... I love this little bag. very useful too. We all get times when life gets in the way of our crafting! I hope you are well and that you return to blog land refreshed, when you can ... Take care
    Eileen xxx

  11. Val, you are such a talented lady! Your bag is beautiful but a pity it was trying for you to put it together.

    I sympathise totally with your lack of time and mojo. I have been exactly the same so far this year. Family wise we seem to lurch from one crisis to another. Lol, I just started to highlight them but deleted it all because it's just too darned depressing, Suffice to say, crafting has taken a bit of a back seat although I've managed a few bits.

    I hope things start to look up for us all very soon .....Spring is just around the corner .......isn't it? ;D!

    Take care Val

    Lesley Xx