Thursday, 13 June 2013

Beautiful Day

This card was designed on the computer using Docrafts Digital Designer programme. The elements were then separated and printed so that I could cut them out to assemble the card conventionally - I do like my cards to have some dimension but also enjoy dabbling with design using the computer so this covers the best of both options..  A die cut leaf from Marianne was added.  We are not having a beautiful day at the moment because summer seems to have gone AWOL  and it is quite chilly and breezy outside, not the best for mid June. 


  1. A pretty card love the colours and your senitment. The digital ribbon looks great and so dimensional.
    Have you got a programme for getting your name on the bottom of your card? Or how do you do it. Hugs x ChrisB

  2. Love the colours of your card Val and a lovely design...I agree with you it has gone colder


  3. This is a pretty card I love the colours you have used

    Jackie x

  4. A beautiful card Val, like you I like a card that has dimension. I agree the weather has gone colder, I hope that we still have some summer to come.

    Sue x

  5. As jackie says above the colours are a delight. I always marvel at your digital dabbling for it's a completely different ball-game. We too have the return of coolness & time for layers of clothing. We seem to have had one of the two weeks which constitutes a Welsh Summer. Blink & you've missed it.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. I know what you mean about the weather Val... but this card cheered me up! I've never tried digital but you have done a smashing job here.
    Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog ...and yes, I would love you to visit my Workshops... one day maybe!
    E xx

  7. That is very effective and lovely colours.