Sunday, 23 September 2012

Quilled Snowflakes

I treated myself to another quilling workshop yesterday with Jill of Jills Quills and you can see pictures of the morning session on her blog, no photos of the afternoon - that's a relief!!  The theme was seasonal and we were making snowflake designs and popping them onto small cards thoughtfully provided by Jill.  I can see that with the techniques we were shown there must be an endless variety of snowflakes which could be produced using various permutations.  I managed to complete two in the class and completed the third one when I got home.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse and this morning is very dark and dreary with steady rain so a good excuse to try a few more snowflakes or maybe even some holly or a christmas tree because were were all given some extra seasonal patterns and ideas - thanks Jill.


  1. Brilliant snowflakes Val, I knew you would be pleased I forgot to take another picture! Glad you enjoyed it & look forward to seeing some more of the patterns.

  2. These are beautiful Val, they make lovely Christmas cards. It's raining here today as well.

    Sue x

  3. Beautifully classy & so elegant. I particularly like the way you accented the individual snowflakes with quilled elements in the same colour as the matting.
    Dank & dreary here too.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Well you have certainly made some lovely snowflake cards Val..I glad u enjoyed your workshop wit Jill


  5. These are beautiful, I went to quilling classes years ago but not done any for a long time

    Jackie x

  6. Gorgeous snowflakes Val. Glad you enjoyed the class and we all know what a great and generous teacher Jill is. Beautiful work.

    Karen x

  7. How fabulous Val, I'm not into quilling but these are so beautiful!
    Val x