Monday, 2 July 2012


I think most people doodle from time to time and I do too but I've been interested in Zentangles for a while so decided to have a quick go over the long bank holiday weekend early in June just by grabbing a fine liner pen and sketchbook without reference to any of the amazing designs which are available online and in books.  Since then I've been idling away some time now and again browsing around websites and think I might well get into this a bit more.  I was interested to see a reference to free machine quilting patterns and - silly me - I'd not made the connection but there are definitely similarities so maybe a bit of zentangling on paper will help me with my free quiting too.  This is what I did 'off the top of my head'.


  1. Wow Val these are great... so clever!
    suzi b xx

  2. I follow the Zentangle blog and love the work the contributors create but have not yet had the time/courage to put pen to paper. You have inspired me as yours looks so good. Love that you have done yours in purple - sounds daft but it's less harsh than the black. Keep Zentangling!! Hugs, Buttons x

  3. Val these are great zentangle images which are are so eye catching


  4. Val these are lovely! I particularly like the leaf design, I've not seen that before.
    Val x

  5. Love your tangle Val, have just got the pens and basics book from Glenda so am looking forward to having a play

    Jackie x

  6. These are great designs Val - and you're right about the correlation between Zentangle and free machine embroidery......just look at vermichelli stitching!

  7. Super work Val ... Very effective and eye catching .... How are your Twinchies ?
    E xxxx

  8. i'm so pleased - thrilled actually! I love that heart/leaf pattern & couldn't believe that you did this without using the books. There's gorgeous movement in this & it looks as if a scattering of pebbles has tumbled down the centre. Oh you can't imagine how you've cheered & encouraged me today.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  9. You've been busy this last month Val. Love all the cards that you've made and your quilt is beautiful. I love this Zentangle, I doodle especially when I'm on the phone, I've never tried to do anything constructive with hem though. Maybe I should give it a go.

    Sue x