Monday, 23 July 2012

Shambala Style Bracelet

Who remembers macrame?  It was very popular in the sixties and seventies and I must have made countless plant pot holders, wall hangings, bags et al using huge wooden beads and heavy string.  Last week I caught a few minutes of a demonstration on jewellery making on the TV and it was macrame all over again but with very fine cord (1mm) and glitter-ball beads which I think is where the term Shambala comes in but not sure on this.   I don't actually have any of the glitter-ball beads - yet - but did find some 1mm cord knocking around and as you can guess I have loads of other beads so I just had to have a go, hoping I could remember how it was done.  This type of bracelet has a sliding section so that it can open up to slide over the hand and then you just pull the two small bead ends to close it although I'm not quite sure how you can pull both ends once it is on the wrist - it's not a style of bracelet I've tried before.  I had to resort to one hand and one mouth.  It was really nice to revisit macrame again and it is much more my style to work with fine thread on a smaller scale.  When I can get some more fine cord I will be using up some of my oddments in beads to make a few more and of course starting with longer lengths necklaces could be made too.


  1. This is gorgeous Val...and I am pleased you managed to find a few beads..lOl....lOl...I also did lots of macrame and somewhere in my loft I still have the board I used! See everything does come around if you wait long enought!


  2. This is lovely Val, unusual and so many colors to do it in:)
    Val x

  3. Beautiful Val - love the beads you've used..... very like tiger eyes. Of course I'm far too young to remember macrame!!! lol

    Karen x

  4. This is lovely Val, I remember doing Macrame in school to many years ago now. I used to put the cord around a pencil and pop it into a draw.

    Sue x

  5. Val, this is just stunning. If you get a chance look up Lola Rose jewellery and see how much things like this can retail for hun. That macrame is big business now. Looking forward to seeing your next creations :) Hugs, Buttons x

  6. The Tiger's Eye beads are beautiful with the brown cord & I love the design of the bracelet. I'm amazed at your feats of translating something you've seen into existence. The woven design of the cord is very pretty with the shapes of the beads & I love the way the cord encapsulates the diamond beads.
    Paula (PEP)