Saturday, 17 September 2011

Response Received

Well I eventually had a response from Docraft to my message about the CD problems and it appears that quite a few of the images over the two CDs are wrongly sized and will not print out correctly (do they not test new software thoroughly before they launch it I wonder??). I can imagine they were probably inundated with complaints once these CDs started landing on doormats via C & C. They are apparently working on solving this problem and will be issuing an update in due course. In the meantime they have offered a couple of temporary solutions which seem a bit of a faff but I will try them out later.
I'm hoping to get into the craft room today to catch up on some challenges so watch this space for a picture.


  1. Well at least they have EVENUTALLY replied to you...think I would asked for my money back as you dont know how long you've got to wait for the replacement CD's...


  2. Quality control were obviously on holiday!
    Val x

  3. Hi Val sorry to hear about your CD problems... what a dissapointment. I don't use CD's much any more not even Glenda's! ...
    Suzi B xx

  4. It doesn't really comply with Trade Descriptions so I think you could ask for a refund. That is certainly "not fit for the purpose intended."
    What a hassle & very frustrating.
    Paula (PEP)