Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Self Portrait

I belong to a Patchwork and Quilting group and from time to time we run projects and challenges - one which is coming towards the final month has been a block swap where each member taking part chooses a block which she would like to make into a quilt and each of the participating members makes her a block following instructions or using templates.  In this way each month one of the participants receives a number of blocks (enough to make into a quilt as there are fifteen people  in the group) and she has only had to make one of the blocks herself and then of course complete the quilt.  I hope I've explained this clearly.

However this last month has really taken me out of my comfort zone as the person whose turn it was gave us all a square of hand dyed fabric and a smaller piece of another colour along with a template for a doll type figure and asked us to produce a self portrait so that she can make them all into a wall hanging for an upcoming exhibition.  Patchwork I've done, applique too and embroidery but the self portrait was something quite new and I'm not sure if I will be pleased or horrified if I'm recognised from the results!!   In case there is any doubt we were  asked to embroider our name at the bottom. I've added a little greeting card in an envelope (made from stiff interfacing fabric), three tiny beaded flowers (using size 15 beads) and a mini knitted scarf using eyelash yarn - the hair on the doll was made using needle felting technique and a bit of wirework came into play for the spectacles.  These things all represent just a few of my many interests and I'm quite looking forward to seeing the blocks all assembled.


  1. Wow Val, this is fabulous. I so admire people who sew... :o)
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Val you look just great. I have done alot of sewing and embroidery but not done anything like this. I just love the hair and glasses. Well done. Hugs x ChrisB

  3. What a super idea Val. I would love to see the finished quilt. I sew but have never done quilting before.


  4. Well what a great idea Val.....and I shall look forward to seeing the completed quilt.


  5. sounds a great idea, look forward to seeing the finished quilt - love the scarf!

  6. How clever Val! This is great and I know I would have balked at such a challenge. I love all the little elements you have added to make this unique to you.

    Lesley Xx